Nice to meet you! I'm Sandra!

Born and raised in Guatemala, I have lived in the United States for 28 years. I have experienced many challenges in my life, including immersing myself in a new culture and raising two kids as a single mother.  

I believe that every person has a story to tell, and I want to hear them all.   I'm flattered when individuals trust me with their experiences, concerns, or private thoughts. I believe that everyone should have someone to talk to and work through the barriers holding them back from fully participating in their lives. I'm here to be a person you share your stories with. 

My experience includes many years in the legal industry, helping folks talk through their experiences and release their worst thoughts and fears. I wouldn't say I'm a "life coach" because I believe you have the power to break through your own barriers. Only you know what the right step is. I'm here to listen and help empower you throughout your journey and encourage you to take the steps you're afraid to take. 

I am currently receiving my certification in Life Coaching, and can't wait to meet you, wherever you are in your journey. 



At Cuéntame, we believe everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has someone to share them with. With the rush of the daily routine, there is not always time to stop interpreting thoughts or feelings, and when those feelings or thoughts are recognized, there is an apprehension to expressing them for fear of criticism or rejection.

In our modern era, personal inter-communication is lost. Neither technology nor social media can replace a person-to-person conversation. A person-to-person discussion can help unburden thoughts and feelings. Especially when that person doesn't judge or criticize but truly listens and attempts to help identify patterns and provide perspective. The result? To recognize the thought patterns or situations holding you back and ultimately find inner peace.

At Cuéntame, we want to be part of the person-to-person conversation and join you in the journey of the beautiful adventure called life.